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Strong and safe, these crates are specifically designed for educational use. Children can be the architects of their own play with this multi-functional, open-ended resource.

5 ways with creative crates…Great for motor skills, collaborative games, language activities and so much more.

creative crates 1
Den Building

Is it a house, a hotel or even a hospital? Why not create a mini, enclosed environment? Stack the crates neatly on top of each other to create walls. Drape with multi-textured fabrics and secure with giant pegs for gross and fine motor development.

creative crates 2


The children can line up the crates to create a raised platform, including planks as a way up and down. As these crates are lightweight, children can build their own balance trails. Encourage use of key coordination skills as they navigate their journey.

creative crates 3

Real Life Scenarios

Will it be a shop, a market stall, a kitchen or even an office? All you need are these versatile crates, your favourite role play accessories and a little imagination.

creative crates 4

Water channelling

These crates are cleverly designed to hold a section of guttering. The children can engineer their own platforms and water systems, offering great creative and scientific learning opportunities.

creative crates 5

Imaginative transport

Sturdy and strong, these crates can be paired with a variety of accessories to create the ultimate vehicle. Is it a car, a bus, a lorry, or even a tractor?  Add wheels and steering wheels and encourage children to describe their journeys and adventures.

creative crates

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