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For some, summer means longer days, relaxing in the sun and putting away those long sleeved winter jumpers for another 4 months. Here at TTS, summer is the time where volunteers attend local schools to help complete small manual labour work as part of our Changing Spaces Project.

TTS-Charity-Foundation Participation of volunteers had been that well received (61 employees put their names forward) that we had to increase our number of teams to 7 with an average of over 8 volunteers per team. Changing Spaces has done some incredibly great work for local schools again this year and this gallery gives you just a taste of what was achieved during May, June and July 2014 by those fantastic volunteers.

We strongly believe in giving something back to our community and we continue to help local schools by providing volunteers to carry out those manual labour jobs that they don’t either have the time or budget for, helping children with their reading or assisting secondary school children in interviewing and enterprise days. If you have a project that we may be able to help with Email your details to


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