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These beautiful wire flowers are ideal for older pupils to make using modelling wire. The same technique can be used for other designs too so encourage pupils to get creative and make different flowers and shapes, even tea cups and spoons.

wire flower craft
Here, our expert Paul Carney shows us how to create a Wire Flower.

Step 1

Wire Flower Craft

Draw the design onto a large sheet of paper or light card,the larger it is the easier it will be to make.

Step 2
Wire Flower craft

Bend soft modelling wire to make the central circular shape, this forms the strong structure from which the petals will hang. Use masking tape to hold the wire in place if it moves around.

Step 3

Wire Flower Craft

Attach support pieces across the circle to strengthen it then fix another piece of wire to the circle shape and begin bending the wire shaping the petals fixing each petal to the circle securely.

Step 4
Wire Flower Craft   Wire Flower Craft

Use coloured wire to decorate, stamens can be made by tightly wrapping wire around on itself, then attached to the centre.

Step 5wire flower craft

Use tissue paper and PVA glue to create petals.

Our expert Paul Carney is an experienced art teacher and practitioner with over twenty years’ experience as an advanced skills art teacher, secondary ex-head of subject, primary art teacher and is currently art consultant. He works across the UK in schools for bespoke training and as a course provider for training companies.

See Paul’s website for advice, resources and lesson plans for teaching art at all ages.

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