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On Tuesday 15th December, Tim Peake became the 8th British astronaut to go into space. He spent 6 years training for the mission, beating 8,000 other applicants to the job.

Next week, he will be returning home after spending 6 months floating 250 miles above the Earth.


Not only does Tim Peake’s mission provide a strong platform for education, it will inspire and encourage children to become actively interested in space. Principia is a fantastic educational website that contains lots of detail about the mission, Tim Peake and Space including educational resources. We can also access a brilliant range of support materials to inspire a range of ages of pupils on the STEM European Space Education Resource Office website.


We’ve been updated with unbelievable images taken from the shuttle that have been posted on Tim’s twitter – Why not inspire potential young astronauts to recreate these images via a small world space setting? Use black and silver glimmer sand combined with the TTS Small World Space Characters to make the scene even more realistic. This is guaranteed to ignite imaginations as well as begin to develop language – why not involve the use of different prepositions?


Learn how Tim Peake and his fellow astronauts complete a walk outside the shuttle with this BBC contentThis link will also offer other interesting, informative facts like understanding how you stay alive in space as well as providing an insight into how astronauts get home.



If children are struggling to comprehend the size and scale of the solar system, then why not help their understanding with The Solar System Book Packs for KS1 and KS2.

To further expand on their knowledge, Solar System Fact cards will give interesting facts and figures about each planet.

Solar System fact cards

Children will be fascinated by Tim Peake’s adventures in space. Let’s use this great catalyst for discussion and inspiration. If you are doing something in your classroom then please share it with us!


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