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Looking for some Eco themed inspiration? In this blog we have collated and share 25 ideas for your school or Eco Club.

The notion of everybody playing a part in looking after our planet and making changes before it’s too late, is becoming more and more important. Recent documentaries such as David Attenborough’s ‘Planet Earth’ have had an impact on public consciousness and shown how vital it is to educate everyone, and especially the next generation, about how we can help.

Schools are keen to play their part and are doing so in different ways.

Here, we have recycled 25 ideas for your school or Eco Club:

1. Rather than one time use plastic bottles, encourage everyone in schools to use refillable water bottles which can be re-used time and time again.

2. Did you know that milk bottle (or any fizzy drink or plastic bottle) lids are not recyclable? Put them to good use and add them to your creative area, use for loose parts play or event counters. You can also create amazing works of art, such as a milk bottle/container lid collaborative art project – Pinterest has some fabulous ideas.

3. Build an igloo or greenhouse from plastic milk containers.

greenhouse from recycled bottles

Greenhouse made of plastic bottles! RHS Campaign for School Gardening

4. Encourage waste sorting for recycling and composting throughout school – have plastic and paper bins as well as a general waste bin. Also try and encourage your school kitchen to compost food waste.

5. Bring learning about Climate Change into the curriculum at school. For more information on this, read the incredible advice from Caroline Alliston here.

Climate Change Experiments

6. Have a compost bin and greenhouse in your outdoor area.

School Garden Planter

7. Have a school ‘green team’ who are responsible for educating the rest of the school about becoming more environmentally friendly. Members could have a special badge and meet monthly to discuss new projects.

8. Turn lights off and ensure all plugs are switched off at the wall when appliances and items are not in use.

9. Recycle batteries.

10. Recycle or reuse second hand clothing. You could have a uniform sale at the end of each half term so people can sell/donate their outgrown uniform. You could also have a clothing recycling bank on the school premises for all of that lost property that never gets claimed!

11. Keep your school clean and tidy by organising litter picking. Litter could also be sorted into recyclable and general waste. (It would be interesting to see the amount of plastic found.)

Litter picking in school

12. Recycle plastic milk cartons into bird feeders for the school playground.

Eco school club ideas

13. Grow your own vegetables. Learn what it takes to look after plants and vegetables as well as observing the lifecycle of plants first hand. The produce might be sold at the summer fair. For more ideas and inspiration – take a look at our our Gardening Ideas alongside the Gardening Collection.

Gardening Collection

14. Recycle old wellies by filling with compost and sowing seeds into them – these could also be sold at the summer fair!

15. Pond dipping and river walks – discover bugs and nature. How much plastic did you see? How do you think this impacts nature? Take clipboards, magnifying glasses and a digital camera to record findings.

16. Watch documentaries about the impact of plastic waste on our planet. Children could also create their own to educate others in school, parents or the wider community. You might discover a budding David Attenborough in school.

17. Have an eco quiz.

18. Go on a free school trip to your local recycling plant. Did you know that recycled plastic bottles are turned into fleece – the same material you wear?

19. Visit a local power plant to learn about our consumption of electricity and power. This may help children understand the impact it has and encourage lower usage in school.

20. Junk models. Recycle old egg boxes, cardboard tubes, cans, cereal boxes and plastic bottles, then have a team or class competition for the best model. They might produce robots, vehicles or large-scale masterpieces! (photo)

21. Use recycled materials within your curriculum learning, for example using recycled materials within D&T to create new outfits or inventions.

22. Make Eco-bricks using plastic bottles filled with plastic bags. Find out more here. Maybe you could use these to make your Greenhouse or an Igloo?

23. Build a wormery.



24. Water Butt – conserve rainwater to feed your seedlings!

25. Create or make a Minibeast Hotel. You could make your own using old pieces of wood, palettes, tubing.

Bugs Life

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