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We recently ran a giveaway to win a multi-purpose podium stage. To win, we asked for your top ideas on how to reinforce good behaviour, success and achievement in your classroom and school. Your reward ideas were so inspiring, we decided to group them all together and share, you can find them in the list below.

We all know about using stickers and charts for rewards to reinforce good behaviour in classrooms. Below we share your fabulous ideas that expand on this:

Top class and school reward ideas:

1. Extra playtime (Golden Time) – always a popular one with children!

2. Head teacher Rewards – working through stickers, certificates, medals to prizes and trophy’s the more that children collect.

3. Wow Cards – for parents and teachers to complete both at home and in class – to then be shared with class if one is brought in from home.

4. Star of the Day and Star of the Week awards – to be announced in assembly – with sticker or badge and certificate to send home. Star pupil seats can also be created.

5. Class reward chart – children can accumulate their stickers over the academic year and each child who reaches 100 gets to go on a special school trip (indoor play place, farm).

6. Golden Tickets to be exchanged for prizes (Hot chocolate, Ice lolly, wear your own clothes for the day, extra playtime, lucky dip from the “treasure box’ – this is a popular one with children with the reference to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

7. Treat points to be exchanged for class rewards.

8. ‘Mathmagician’ and ‘Star Writer’ – one child to be rewarded each week or term.

9. Team awards to encourage supporting each other to achieve.

10. Reading – Book Worm award per class – Bronze, Silver, Gold.

11. Encourage attendance with 100% Attendance awards.

12. Sports Days for celebrating sporting abilities and for team work and taking part.

13. Teacher’s ‘Proud award’. What have you done today, to make me feel proud? (Heather Small song). This could be the sharing of winning a medal or badge in out of school activities, a piece of artwork or creative homework, getting to the next level in reading or reaching the final book band.

14. EY and KS1 – King, Queen, dude/dudette or VIP for the day. Get to wear a crown and cape – sit on a special chair.

Your top 26 class and school reward ideas to reinforce good behaviour, success and achievement

15. Class Dojo (an app from by teachers for their pupils – parents have access and get notifications of rewards and points allocated to their child. Individual classes can work towards a preset goal for whole class dojo points, the reward for a team effort is decided by the children ahead of each half term. Children receive certificates/headteachers awards/own clothes privileges/homework passes/ ice lollies etc for personal points gained against key stage achievement ladder.

16. Head Teacher’s recognition board – awarded children get pride of place on the special board outside the head teacher’s office – with a mention in assembly.

17. Kindness Tokens – Instilling kindness and humanity amongst the future generation. When a child shows kindness to another, they receive a golden token to exchange for a sticker or prize.

Your top 26 class and school reward ideas to reinforce good behaviour, success and achievement

18. Create a ‘warm and fuzzy jar’ – big jar and every time any pupil in the class does a kind deed or goes the extra mile they get to put a little fuzzy in (Pom Poms). When the jar is filled, they get to have a treat as a class, wether it be watching a dvd or outdoor playing, a trip to Forest School. Great for teaching children to be kind. TTS loves this uniquely lovely idea! We may adopt this in the office! With thanks to Christina Finlay.

19. A raffle each term. Children earn raffle tickets throughout the term for upholding the school values, and at the end of the term draw names for first, second and third prizes… first prize could be a gift voucher!

20. A wall of fame. Create a special wall to be featured on and photographed against. Create a wonderful whole school display. We love this idea (photo featured below) from Laura Simpson.

21. Happy balloons – Zoe Winterton sends a balloon home each day with someone in her class who has done something to make her smile that day (kindness, hard-work, sharing, politeness etc). They really respond to it and try hard to be fab to win the balloon!

22. Award bands – (paper wrist bands that are given out at swimming or ticketed events/theme parks that stick around the wrist – given out as rewards. Catherine Williams writes on her paper ones with what they did well to share with parents and home. Rubber versions also available.

23. Golden Table – prize winners get to sit with the head teacher at lunchtime. Or sit and have hot chocolate or an ice lolly dependent on the weather.

24. House points – to encourage team work.

25. Reward cards (similar to loyalty cards) – with space for 5 small stickers. Each child has a card and each time they fill the card – they get to take it to the head teacher for a well done.

26. Leadership rewards – reward children by giving them the opportunity to lead a session or activity. Or choose the next weeks’ activity at Forest School.

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With thanks to all those who took part in our giveaway and for sharing their ideas.

Congratulations to Laura Simpson for winning the Podium Stage.

Your top 26 class and school reward ideas to reinforce good behaviour, success and achievement

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