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From learning about the history of chocolate eggs to creating your own egg hunt, let these 10 Easter themed ideas inspire you!

Easter is a special time of year for many people.

Here are 10 Easter themed activity ideas:

1. Learn about the Easter story together

Easter is an important celebration for Christians as it marks the date when Jesus was born again. Learn about the importance of Easter by sharing the Easter Story with children.

You can find a simple retelling of the events along with a blank story template in our TTS Easter Collection.

Easter Story Basket available here.

2. Egg-citing Easter Facts

  • Do you know how many Easter eggs are sold each year in the UK?
  • Do you know why Easter Sunday falls on a different date each year?
  • And, do you know who made the first ever chocolate Easter egg in the UK?

There are so many questions that we can ask about Easter and so many interesting facts we can learn. Spend some time talking about what children would like to know and then research to find out the answers.

There is a selection of egg-citing Easter facts in our Easter Download to help get you started!

Easter Facts

3. All About Eggs

For many children (and adults) they look forward to Easter for the chocolate eggs! Eggs are often given as a gift at Easter because they are a symbol of new life.

Here are some egg themed activities to inspire you:

  • Learn about the history of chocolate eggs using the storyboard in our FREE Easter Download.
  • Design and make 3D paper mache eggs. You could then paint and decorate them and create magical stories about where they came from.
  • There has been a long tradition of decorating eggs. Spend time learning about the traditions and how they have changed over time.
  • Children could design and create their own decorative egg. It could be decorated with different patterns, shapes or textures using sequins, pipe cleaners, buttons, paints or natural items. Once made, you could turn the eggs into a handmade card or punch holes in them to create Easter bunting.

Download our TTS Easter Collection for more egg themed ideas.

4. Hot Cross Buns

We see a lot of hot cross buns in the shops at Easter time because it is a tradition to eat them on Good Friday.

Use the resources in the FREE Easter Download to learn all about hot cross buns, their history and the ingredients used to make them.

You could plan to do some ‘Hot Cross Bun Tasting’ sessions too!

Hot Cross Buns Easter Activities

5. Easter Cards

Design and create Easter cards to send to family or friends. Children could use their art and craft skills to create their own or use a printable template as a starting point. There are so many ideas online to inspire you! You could go for chicks, bunnies, eggs or why not a floral spring design?

We have included a printable template for an Easter card within our FREE Easter Download.

Easter Card

6. Egg-scellent Scenes

Hard boil an egg or several eggs and decorate them to create egg-cellent characters. Paint your eggs, stick things onto them or why not attach feet or arms?

Get creative and turn your eggs into an amazing egg scene. You could decorate them all differently to create, for example a farmyard or create egg characters from your favourite film!

7. Egg Hunts

Egg hunts are one of the most popular things to do at Easter. You could set up a traditional chocolate egg hunt, or why not make it a bit different …

Make a maths egg hunt by hiding ‘calculation eggs’ and ‘answer eggs’ and children must hunt for a matching pair. Or, set up a literacy hunt by hiding eggs that have letters or words on. Children hunt the eggs and then use the letters to spell words or the words to spell out a hidden Easter themed sentence!

Alternatively, set up a ‘match the egg’ hunt. Draw (or photocopy) lots of egg shape templates on pieces of paper. Ask children to decorate the eggs with lots of different patterns and then cut the eggs in half. Scatter the pieces all around your outdoor space but don’t hide matching halves together. Start your egg hunt and the aim is to find two matching halves. This activity is great for developing observational skills of matching size, colour and shape.

You could have a mini Easter treat for your egg hunts!

Egg Hunt

8. Easter Scramble

Make your own ‘Easter Scramble Challenge’ for a friend to solve!

Start by writing down a list of words that make you think of Easter, such as egg, chick, Easter, and bunny. Then, jumble up the letters in each of the words for someone to have to try and unscramble.

For example:

a) gge … egg

b) kicch … chick

9. Chocolate Nests

Create your own edible nests using chocolate, shredded wheat or cornflakes. Add some chocolate eggs for a tasty treat!

10. Egg and Spoon Race

Add some fun and excitement to your celebrations by running a series of egg and spoon races. If you want to make things a bit more challenging, add in some extra obstacles to your course. Celebrate with a chocolatey treat for the winner.

Egg and Spoon


One final thought …Why not have hard boiled eggs and soldiers for an egg themed breakfast?

Happy Easter from everyone at TTS!

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