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I love these outdoor giant colourful teapots. They are just so fun and to state the obvious, HUGE!

These have got to be a stable for any outdoor water area. This pack of 4 teapots are perfect for 10 months and up and can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are 5 ideas you might like to use them for: 

1. Water Play  

Adding these teapots to water play are a great way to explore new vocabulary such as: pouring, filling, emptying, drip, drop, heavy, light, splash, sink, float, warm, cold, bubble, stir as well as explore capacity.   

2. Imaginative Play – Teddy Bear Picnic 

These giant teapots make a perfect addition to a teddy bears picnic. All you need is a blanket, teddies, and role play food. Imaginative play is vital to children’s learning as it allows children to revisit familiar and unfamiliar events whilst also supporting the development of their imagination.  

Did you know the development matters refers to role play a huge 14 times across 6 of 7 areas of learning!  

3. Mud Kitchen  

The simple addition of these giant teapots to our mud kitchen led to 2 different child-led activities. One group of children were sharing them to pour water into the digging pit so they could jump in muddy puddles while the other group were role playing cafes and using them to pour drinks to their customers.  

The best part – you can easily wash them!  

4. Mixing Colours 

This was an activity set up to further explore colour mixing learning. We filled up each teapot with a mixture of water and paint. Then empty pots of the children to pour 2 different colours into it. What colour will it make? Can you remember what new colour blue and yellow makes?   

5. Use it as a Watering Can 

A simple use of these teapots is to use them as extra watering cans.  


Thank you to Hayley Winter for writing this blog

Hayley Winter is an Early Years teacher and leader who is passionate about learning through play. She shares simple and effective teaching ideas for 3-5 year olds on social media. Find out more over on her website: []

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