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Mother’s Day is a lovely opportunity for children of all ages to celebrate their mothers and loved ones, thank them for supporting, loving, caring and looking after them. Handmade and personalised gifts are often a favourite gift idea!

Mother's Day crafts

Did you know?

Mothering Sunday in England was celebrated as far back as the 1600s on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor mothers. After a prayer service in church to honor Virgin Mary, Christian children brought gifts and flowers to pay tribute to their mothers.

This tradition has continued into the present day, with many people gifting flowers, cards and other gifts to their mothers on Mothering Sunday. Homemade gifts are a favourite for many too!

Here are 8 crafty ideas for a beautfiul homemade Mother’s Day gift:

Decorating a small Canvas
Canvas Art for children

These small blank canvases can be painted and embellished to create a beautiful gift. Suggestions would be flowers, hand prints or perhaps a painting of the family? These can be hung on the wall for all to see.

Tissue Paper Wreaths
tissue paper wreath collage

Tissue paper is a great resource to have on hand for collage and this easy wreath looks beautiful covered in bright tissue paper pieces. Simply cut a wreath base from coloured card by drawing round a small plate and for the centre use a mug. Push a small hole through using a pencil – this will be used for hanging ribbon later. Then encourage the children to add glue and stick lightly screwed up squares of coloured tissue paper. Once the whole wreath is covered add some ribbon to hang and a bow at the bottom to finish. What a lovely gift for mum or grandma.

Pom-Pom Critters

pom pom critters

Did you know that pom poms can be made into these fabulous critters! These are a quirky unusual gift which children will love to make. Use a variety of colour and size pom poms to create these with foam sheet feet to stand on, pipe cleaner antennae, wiggly eyes and even add a feather or two to finish off! We love these!

Treat Baskets

Treat Baskets

Fun and easy to decorate these cute card gift baskets are just made for holding ‘tasty treats’. Simply decorate with the card flowers (included), paints, decopatch papers, glitter, acrylic gems, flower jewelssequins and buttons to create a unique gift to take home for mum.

Fancy Frames

Frames make a great gift. They can be decorated and personalised with a favourite picture of the child or family.

MDF frame craft

These wooden standing frames can be painted or decopatched, then embellished, making them a nice simple craft to take home as a gift with the addition of a photograph.

These hanging wooden frames or wooden flower pot frames would also make perfect gifts for a loved one. Decorate with decopatch papers, paint, sequins, buttons, foam shapes or glitter.


Toilet Roll Bugs

Craft roll loo roll crafts

Used toilet roll tubes or craft rolls are a great resource. This cute critter will make mum smile and can be painted any colour or pattern. Try a smart stripey fella with a bow tie or without wings, add feet to the base and it would make a lovely pen holder. The wiggly eyes make all the difference – try using one larger than the other as this gives a quirky effect.

Wire Flower

Wire flower craft
These are ideal for older children. A unique and very creative gift. Our expert Paul Carney explains how to create these beautiful flowers. View the How to Blog here for this activity.

Flower Pots

These flower pots make the perfect homemade decoration! They are easy to paint, decoupage or decorate with paint pens and then varnish to seal (high quality PVA could be used for this). Make some flowers for inside your flower pot with pipe cleaners and gems, or make some egg box flowers by following the instructions in our blog.

We hope you have fun making and creating.

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